Goodbye Ordinary

Prana. Practice. & Priorities.

Posted on: July 2, 2012

I know that I’ve expressed my love for navasana before, but once again today we did it in class and I was reminded of the benefits that I reap from the pose. I shake like my body is being electrocuted… But I hold out, and when I finally release and lay back to enjoy the flow of prana coursing through my body, I can’t help but to smile.

I can always feel it for a long time after too, something about the aliveness that it makes me feel… It stays with me and I feel energized and ready to face the world…or my kids. lol

Every time that I leave yoga (and post) I am always thinking how much I love the practice. It’s a shame I don’t make more time for it, April really was amazing, when I made time for it every single day. If I could ever get my lazy butt up earlier in the mornings, I would really love to do a morning practice, even if it’s only a few sun salutes. But… I won’t hold my breath, my sleep deprivation doesn’t really afford me to get up even earlier in the morning. I’m lucky if I’m awake 15 minutes before I HAVE (and I mean, absolutely HAVE) to get out of the door to get to work on time.

But, as with all things it’s all about priorities. In April, it was a challenge, so I made it a priority to get to yoga every day. Now, the kids and work are back at the top, and yoga sort of got pushed to the wayside with everything else that is going on. I have to fix it. I’m such a better person when I practice regularly. Not to mention, I just FEEL better, and I eat better, and probably LOOK better. ha.

This week promises to be an especially stressful one, first with my daughter getting bit by a cat on Saturday, then burning her hand last night, and issues at work that are going to be unfolding in the next couple of weeks… Also 2 people I know were in a horrible accident yesterday afternoon and are in the hospital. The stress is unreal and I have to remember to put me on that list of priorities, and that means, I need to make time for yoga.

The Little Miss, given that she’s had a rough weekend.


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