Goodbye Ordinary

Yoga and Parenting

Posted on: June 22, 2012

I love my kids. I really do. They are intelligent, creative, amazing, daring, passionate, not to mention absolutely adorable… But, they are also wild, intense, loud, full of attitude, destructive, and exhausting. Typical children. But man, I’m beat.

When you work 10 hours a day, plus an hour worth of drive time, you just want to come home and relax. You’re tired. You’re sleep deprived, especially when you have children that won’t go to bed until after it’s dark (in the summer that means 10ish), don’t sleep through the night without at least one of them waking…screaming, and you are naturally a night owl that can’t ever seem to fall asleep before midnight, then wakes at 4:30am to pee, and then has to be up for the day at 6. Sleep deprived is the new normal. The new “awake”.

You don’t realize how much you miss sleep until you actually get some… and then, it’s even worse than when you didn’t remember what you were missing. Oh how I miss those days when I was a teenager before The Monster was born, where I could literally sleep like 21 hours out of the day. Not getting up until 2pm was the norm and oh, how magical. Now “sleeping in” means 8am. Possibly 8:30.

Well, I realized that a good way to stave of the effects of sleep deprived parenthood: yoga.

All of the yogi parents are probably nodding their head in agreement. Yoga revitalizes you when you’re tired (not to mention, if you do it at the studio you’re granted a blissful savasana for about 10 mins or so… that’s right, 10 minutes of (guided) relaxation, where you can drift to your happy place, only breathe, and not otherwise even move.

Don’t get me wrong, yoga is intense, it can be difficult, and a great work out. It’s the after effect that you’re after. The prana that flows through your body when it’s alive and all of your connective tissue is awakened. I’m totally a yoga spokeswoman. Ha.

Anyway so, yoga and parenting… Yoga makes me a better mom. When I make time to do yoga, even if it means missing that extra little bit of time with the kids, I am happier, I am calmer. It takes longer to push me from the green zone to the red zone, and even when in the red zone, I’m reminded of my ability to breathe during my “suffering” (which I’m reminded to not think of as suffering) and while my children are making me want to rip my hair from my head… I can just “woo-sah” myself into that happy place, taking a minute to breathe, and then go back into the chaos with a level head.

When I’ve been out of yoga for a while, I reverted back to the “RAHHH” mode, where I just wanted to beg and plead with my children to be quiet for 30 freaking seconds. Seriously, idk how my mother survived me, I talk from the time I get up to the time I go to bed… and my son is LOUDLY the same way. *ensue insanity*.

If I hadn’t found yoga, I’m pretty sure I would have found a mental institution.


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