Goodbye Ordinary

21 Sun Salute

Posted on: June 20, 2012

Regrettably, I missed Monday’s core class. I woke up Monday morning with my first ever UTI, I’m quite positive it came straight from Hell. I sucked it up at work, went to a dr’s appt where it was confirmed, but couldn’t wait for the prescription (another 45 mins >.<) so I miserably went back to work… At 3pm I couldn’t take it anymore so I left work early to get my prescription and go home to my amazingly comfortable bed.

Buttttt, antibiotics and pain killers are magical things and I woke up Tuesday morning almost pain free and read to take on life again. This morning, it’s like nothing was ever wrong… Except I am still drinking a million more oz’s of water than usual because it’s hot and I want to be sure to flush all the bacteria out… so I’ve had to pee a zillion times.

Anyway, so I went to today’s drop in class to make up for it… Boy, was I in for a treat.

I didn’t realize that it’s the summer solstice today.

Which means…. Super dee ooper special hardcore class. Of course on the Summer Solstice, that is 95ish degrees out, and sunny… We have to salute the sun! Soooo…. We did a 21 Sun Salute. That’s right folks, 21 sun salutations. We threw in some variations like warrior, triangle, jumping through… and i forget what else.

But I did really well at focusing on my breath, and I survived the class. My arms felt like fiery jello after though… They are a lot stronger than before, but I have a long way to go in the upper body strength department.

It was awesome and I felt pretty proud of me for being able to mostly do low pushups every time. I still can’t glide through to up dog, which is crazy annoying.. but someday!

Then when I got home, I ate, then took the kids swimming. Little Miss was swimming with only arm swimmies on!!! And the Monster was swimming underwater like a fish! He even kept “diving” down to the bottom to touch it! ❤ They are getting TOO big!

I’ll edit with pics tomorrow, they’re on my camera… which is dead.




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