Goodbye Ordinary


Posted on: June 6, 2012

Oops… Looks like I’ve been MIA, and I totally didn’t mean to be!

I have this problem… I am very… stubborn. I hold a grudge like nobody’s business and when things (even technology) piss me off… I tend to just give up, push them far away from me… and ignore their exisitence. Which is exactly what happened here.

On my last post (graduation), somehow the comments got disabled. I am NOT a techy. I googled, found a million people that complained about the same thing happening (all of my comments on other posts were still active, but for whatever reason, the most recent post wouldn’t allow for comments…. and it was a very comment worthy occasion!) So, I got frustrated, couldn’t figure it out and had the mindset of… What is the point of posting on a blog if no one has the opportunity to comment!? Especially on something as a single mom of 2 graduating summa cum laude from college. I wanted to toot my own horn, and couldn’t. As you can imagine… it was maddening!

It wasn’tENTIRELYthat… I also got super duper busy with “grown up” hours at work, and with that came exhaustion. I’m finally figuring out the balance between 45-50 hour work weeks, the kids, eating that’s not COMPLETELY unhealthy, yoga, and one of the most important concerns: sleep. Now that I have those things mostly figured out and in their own kind of orchestrated chaos, I can try to put the blog back on that priority list.

Since graduation my life has been anything but yogic. It saddens me that I lost touch with something that makes me so happy, calm, and focused. BUT it is realllly great to know that if I get overwhelmed it’s there for me. I had to take a break from the chaos a few times during the past weeks and just do a quick and dirty practice with a million suns, some warriors, and of course something along the lines of savasana. It’s like an old best friend, we lose touch for a while, but every time that we meet up….  it’s like no time has past (until the next day when all of my muscles are screaming at me that I shouldn’t have took that time off because now they’re even more worked than usual!).

I never truly had a best friend growing up, I moved too much. So this is especially sweet to me, knowing that it’s a constant escape that is there for me whenever I need it. Without judgment; without expectations.

A sweet moment caught by a friend of mine, and photographer at High Image Photography ❤


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