Goodbye Ordinary

Day 39 (again): Double dipping

Posted on: May 10, 2012

Woot, I finally did it! I double dipped at the studio. It was a similar practice to the morning. Same basic poses: hip openers, pigeon, and some twists… but quite a bit more intense and bendy. Ahhh I love afternoon/evening classes. Love.

I do love morning classes too, but for completely different reasons. If only there was enough time in the day to have 3 practices, first thing in the am, after work, AND before bed. Ahh, amazing. Maybe someday, when I’m a millionaire. haha. yea right.

I love pigeon. I have super open hips and I have to really try to find the sweet spot in pigeon that I feel something, but when I do… ahh. So sweet.

We also did a seated wide angle forward fold. We hadn’t done that a while and man, Kath pushed me (well us) to my limit and it felt so great. Intense for sure, but so good.

I can feel yesterday’s practice(s) in my back, and my hips. But it’s a good sort of “alive” feeling.

I was planning to get up and go to the morning class today but… I overslept and woke up at 7:15… so obviously that didn’t happen. I’ll do a home practice tonight, maybe with the “10 min solutions” netflix video, and do some planks and the ab session.

Speaking of plank, I also held plank for about a minute after yesterday’s evening class. I used grip-its, because I have weak wrists (that have been injured more than once) and they start hurting with too many down-dogs and plank.. So I’m trying to get used to using grip-its and hopefully not hurt them anymore. Plank is sooo hard. But it makes me feel strong when I manage to hold it for longer than a breath. 😛

Can’t wait for graduation! 2 days!




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