Goodbye Ordinary

Days 38 & 39: Busy busy body

Posted on: May 9, 2012

Phew, I’m still exhausted from yesterday. I overslept and was almost late to work (and missed morning yoga), then worked till 4, went home picked up the kids and my mama who is here visiting for the week… And we went to the “city” to go shopping for a dress for graduation and hair color to fix my roots.

We went to tj maxx, got some cute stuff, then to wendy’s and sally’s. Back home we headed and we saw a bear cross the highway in front of us! On top of that, on the trip up to the “city” we saw a little fox crossing an intersection! The monster later spotted two big deer as well, it was nature night!

Anywho, all that running around really wiped me. I think I’m exhuasted due to lack of sleep always. blah. I wish I was a morning person that could go to bed and actually rest early! I did a little practice at home before bed for about 15-20 mins. First just some suns to warm up, and then a 10min youtube video, followed by some lazy seated forward folds and then a short savasana (which was then continued as I passed out in bed).

This morning, I reluctantly got up and went to the morning class. I debated for about 10 mins from the time my alarm went off until when I actually got out of bed… should I just go to the drop in this afternoon? I can sleep for an hour and 20 mins more if I don’t go… but my day is always better when I go before work… but my practice is much more lucid and bendy in the afternoon… but but but… I decided to get my lazy butt up and get to the studio and my mat. I’m glad I did. I truly do have better days when I start my day with yoga. It chills me out and puts me in a good mood for the day. I’m sure my co-workers prefer me on days that I go to yoga before work.

Depending how my day goes I may double dip and go to the drop in after work too! We’ll see though, I do wanna see my mama.




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