Goodbye Ordinary

Day 37: Oh my aching back!

Posted on: May 7, 2012

Man, today was a pretty hard practice for me. Morning classes are generally a bit more difficult for me on the mental yoga side… because I want to be all expecting and judgey when my body doesn’t do what I know it can do later in the day. But usually it’s not *too* bad. Today though, oww. It kinda hurt to be in forward fold. My neck and back were so tight that I didn’t really feel release until towards the end of practice. It was pretty annoying. I had to baby myself and guard my body to protect it from injury and I have to admit I was kinda frustrated with it.

I kept focusing on my breath to let go of those thoughts but they kept coming back. I have done yoga for 37 days in a row. Why the heck was today so difficult?

Maybe it was the fact that I snoozed more times than I thought possible and finally rolled out of bed at 5:52 and it class was at 6:15. 😛 I’m so not a morning person. I’m trying so hard. I really like the morning classes and how they enliven my entire day. But dang, today was so trying.

Then my workday was pretty stressful. But my awesome boyfriend brought me lunch, so that was a plus. And I graduate in 5 days !

Until tomorrow…




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