Goodbye Ordinary

Days 35 & 36: What a weekend!

Posted on: May 6, 2012

I am happy to report that despite my busy day yesterday, I still managed to get a practice in!

I had a very busy day yesterday, we went to one of my friends’ house for a cinco de mayo lunch of enchiladas, yum! Then we met the boyfriend and hiked the bike trail, the monster road his bike and was super awesome (he’s only been riding 2wheeler for a couple weeks). Little miss wanted to show off too, so she was doing all kids of tricks in the stroller, she’s a goof.

After the bike trail we headed to Grama K’s for a while and then the boyfriend and I went to a friend’s house. I realized I still hadn’t got my practice in, so I took over part of their living room floor and did a 20 minute practice, sun salutes with the warrior flow added in. I stayed in my forward folds for forever, and even threw in a few utkatasanas. Even though I normally don’t like warriors or chairs… I just felt like I needed them. I needed the openness that comes with those poses, the exposure. I’m not sure why, but I did. And they felt so good.

Today’s practice wasn’t as great. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I definitely felt it all day today. But, I did do the kids yoga video with the kids. They were half trying, it’s cute to watch them learn, and we now use some pranayam in coming back to the “green zone” when the monster crosses that line during a meltdown.

This is my last week as an undergrad! It’s crazy and exciting, scary too. I have a job, the start of a career in HR, but it’s still scary.  I worry about the unknowns of my future, but I know it’ll all work out. I just have to keep everything in perspective.

Can’t wait for class in the morning!




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