Goodbye Ordinary

Day 34: “Lose your mind”

Posted on: May 4, 2012

I made it to the studio again today, Friday’s are Happy Hour yoga at MSY and it’s probably my favorite practice of the week. Winding down from the insanity that is the gas/oil field industry… leaving everything behind for the weekend (for now, in the future I’ll be “on” all the time regardless of being on the clock or not, gotta love HR) and just letting go.

I have to admit, even when I’m quiet and paying attention to my breath, staying “inside”… My mind is racing. Occasionally I have been able to really push it all out of my mind and just be inside my body. But that is usually not the case. I think about work, I think about the boyfriend and our relationship, I think about the kids, what’s going on with my friends, and a million other random things. But I don’t just “be”.

Today, Kath told us to “lose your mind” multiple times throughout class and it was probably the best advice ever. Especially after the crazy week I had. I want to be able to just push it aside and not have everything that is going on weigh heavy on my shoulders but man, it’s tough.

Enough of the serious though… I have a yoga funny today…

So, they are renovating the bathrooms at work. There is only one woman’s and one men’s restroom and so they’re (rumored to be)putting a couple stalls in or something so that hopefully it won’t suck so much. But since they are renovating, that means that there are no bathrooms inside the building. I’d rather keep just 2 toilets than go a week with NO toilets, but I digress. So, because of the renovation, we have porta-pottys outside. Awesome. I had to use it 3 times today because I have a small, weak, bladder and it was a “can’t get by without coffee” morning. I used my experience productively…

I did yoga!

Okay, only kinda… but while hovering over the hole, I just thought of utkatasana and had this urge to put my arms up into a wide V. Why not right? lmao

So yea, porta-yoga. Smh, I am such a moron sometimes. Ha. But really, I felt it in my quads!

Next time you have to hover, use it as your “yoga”


Enough sillyness for today, I’m beat and the kids are already asleep soooo… I think this means a bedtime snack and an episode of Private Practice for me!

Namaste my friends,




2 Responses to "Day 34: “Lose your mind”"

This is hilarious. I love your blog so much! Have to add you to my blog roll. I particularly love it that you post so regularly. You are a great writer and a total inspiration. Thank you!!

Porta – yoga!! so funny… look at all the ways yoga comes in handy!!

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