Goodbye Ordinary

Day 32: Practice with a Partner

Posted on: May 2, 2012

Another home practice today. It is very different than practice in the studio. Not better or worse for me (though a little more boring because I don’t have any good yoga music), just different. The boyfriend came over, so I had him do it with me and together we did a bunch of sun salutes and then the abs and the “relaxation” or something like that portions of the 10 min solutions Netflix video. I wasn’t really in the mood for a few of the asana’s so I did my own thing and the boyfriend followed along with the video.

It was fun practicing with him, but at the same time, he was pretty hilarious and made me giggle a lot. When the lady was doing the hamstring stretch where your leg is extended to the sky and then you pull it toward your face… She was like “pull your leg up and alongside your ear” and the boyfriend was like “Oh I’m 90% there… I almost have it!” with his leg barely straight skyward. It was hilarious. I love that boy.

The monster and little miss were on a walk with Grama while we were practicing, but they came back in as the boyfriend was doing some yogic variations of push ups. He is a pretty great push-upper. The monster took over the spare mat (I had all 3 laid out, because my new mat came today!!) and showed us some push ups, downward and upward dogs! The monster totally rocks!

The monster’s plank!!

Little Miss got a little jealous that he was getting attention, so she had to come do some too, though modified with legs on the ground 😛 She’s pretty stellar as well. I love my little yogi’s in the making.

I had the monster take a couple pics of me, he is only 4… so of course we also get a view of his finger…

My wheel today!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the morning session and get my fix of instructed studio yoga! 🙂 I’m having withdrawals. LOL




3 Responses to "Day 32: Practice with a Partner"

Awesome wheel. and awesome photo from a four year old.

Thanks! I was super impressed with his form yesterday. He’s been really into push-ups ever since we went to a couple wrestling practices last fall, and he’s getting GOOD at them!

The monster’s plank IS awesome! Wayda go, monst!

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