Goodbye Ordinary

Day 31: May Day = Play Day

Posted on: May 1, 2012

Tonight when I got home from work, I opted to play outside with the kiddos for a while. We threw around a ball, the monster hit it with a bat (and is a surprisingly decent little hitter and thrower..uh..pitcher). When I got bored with that, we found the soccer ball and we all kicked it around, Little miss would chase after it and when I’d make the monster let her get to it, she’d scoop it up and giggle. Then get mad when I told her she needed to put it down to kick it. Girl wants to play rugby!

Running around like crazy with the kids was a lot of fun, and exercise. I started to break a sweat so I decided it was time to come in and do yoga before I lost all ambition and broke my streak.

I had looked last night and saw that Netflix has some yoga videos streaming. (I’m a total Netflix addict). So I chose a video and did it with her…kinda. I used “10 minute solutions: Yoga” it was actually a pretty good flow, but I felt like she went way too fast. Especially on the first of the series (I did 3, apparently it’s a 5 part series) “yoga basics”, which was just sun salutations. She did them really fast, and I prefer to take my time in my suns, specially at the beginning of a practice to really feel my body out and see what stuck around from my last practice, or where I’m holding tension… try to work it out. So I actually kept pausing so that she’d hush and let me flow at MY pace. Apparently, my pace is better aligned with my wonderful yogamama, Kath.

Part 2 was “buns and thighs” which was mostly a warrior flow, some suns, and chairs. My arms are burning after the whole practice because of sooo many sun salutes (in actuality, it may not have been that many, but it felt like a million. So… don’t judge me). I could definitely feel it in my thighs, which is good because that’s one of the areas i’d like to “work out”.

Part 3 was “abs” and that’s what I want to focus on the most. If only ab workouts weren’t so dang difficult. I’ve been doing plank-a-day and though I haven’t came close to that 2 min 50 second mark again (I think it was a fluke because I didn’t want to look like a weakling and come down first in class LOL), I’ve still been doing it, and feeling it. At the end of the ab series she did this crazy thing… “table” pose, then bringing your butt back between your hands (straightening your legs, rolling onto your heels). It was intense, and uber difficult for me. I’ll definitely be trying that again!

I decided that was enough for me for the night, I need to get the kids into bed anyway and I wanted to take savasana. So I turned on the white noise pandora station and took savasana on my bed away from the kids. I totally fell asleep. It was magical. I got woke up to little miss crawling on my bed, snuggling into my arm crease and trying to get my boob so she should nurse. smh. She’s such a little boob fiend.

Phew, and I thought having a home practice was useless? I can feel it in my arms, abs, and thighs. AND I even feel relaxed and calm. It’s almost better than (or at least as good as) … chocolate.



Oh P.S. My new mat should come tomorrow! wooot! 🙂


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