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I’ve been MIA because I’ve been soo busy! My mom was visiting before graduation, then my stepdad and siblings got here on Friday, so I was busy hanging out with them. Then Saturday I graduated from college! Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Human Resource Management… Summa Cum Laude & Outstanding Senior Nominee.

Not to shabby with two kiddos in tow.

My wonderful boyfriend also graduated, with Magna Cum Laude honors! We both had small grad parties and got to spend time with some of our friends and a bunch of our family. It was such a great weekend. I feel so blessed to have the support system that I do. And it was awesome to get to graduate with the boyfriend. Seriously one of the best weekends of my life!

Unfortunately though, I was slacking on my yoga. I did manage to do a few planks and suns just randomly, but no set “practice” where I flowed for a good length of time. I am feeling kind of out of whack without it, but my longer hours have started at work so I can’t make the morning classes anymore. I am hoping to make it to either tonight’s class or tomorrows drop in.

I’ll get back in the groove now that life will return to (semi) “normal”.

Namaste & Congratulations to everyone else that graduated over the weekend!



Woot, I finally did it! I double dipped at the studio. It was a similar practice to the morning. Same basic poses: hip openers, pigeon, and some twists… but quite a bit more intense and bendy. Ahhh I love afternoon/evening classes. Love.

I do love morning classes too, but for completely different reasons. If only there was enough time in the day to have 3 practices, first thing in the am, after work, AND before bed. Ahh, amazing. Maybe someday, when I’m a millionaire. haha. yea right.

I love pigeon. I have super open hips and I have to really try to find the sweet spot in pigeon that I feel something, but when I do… ahh. So sweet.

We also did a seated wide angle forward fold. We hadn’t done that a while and man, Kath pushed me (well us) to my limit and it felt so great. Intense for sure, but so good.

I can feel yesterday’s practice(s) in my back, and my hips. But it’s a good sort of “alive” feeling.

I was planning to get up and go to the morning class today but… I overslept and woke up at 7:15… so obviously that didn’t happen. I’ll do a home practice tonight, maybe with the “10 min solutions” netflix video, and do some planks and the ab session.

Speaking of plank, I also held plank for about a minute after yesterday’s evening class. I used grip-its, because I have weak wrists (that have been injured more than once) and they start hurting with too many down-dogs and plank.. So I’m trying to get used to using grip-its and hopefully not hurt them anymore. Plank is sooo hard. But it makes me feel strong when I manage to hold it for longer than a breath. 😛

Can’t wait for graduation! 2 days!



Phew, I’m still exhausted from yesterday. I overslept and was almost late to work (and missed morning yoga), then worked till 4, went home picked up the kids and my mama who is here visiting for the week… And we went to the “city” to go shopping for a dress for graduation and hair color to fix my roots.

We went to tj maxx, got some cute stuff, then to wendy’s and sally’s. Back home we headed and we saw a bear cross the highway in front of us! On top of that, on the trip up to the “city” we saw a little fox crossing an intersection! The monster later spotted two big deer as well, it was nature night!

Anywho, all that running around really wiped me. I think I’m exhuasted due to lack of sleep always. blah. I wish I was a morning person that could go to bed and actually rest early! I did a little practice at home before bed for about 15-20 mins. First just some suns to warm up, and then a 10min youtube video, followed by some lazy seated forward folds and then a short savasana (which was then continued as I passed out in bed).

This morning, I reluctantly got up and went to the morning class. I debated for about 10 mins from the time my alarm went off until when I actually got out of bed… should I just go to the drop in this afternoon? I can sleep for an hour and 20 mins more if I don’t go… but my day is always better when I go before work… but my practice is much more lucid and bendy in the afternoon… but but but… I decided to get my lazy butt up and get to the studio and my mat. I’m glad I did. I truly do have better days when I start my day with yoga. It chills me out and puts me in a good mood for the day. I’m sure my co-workers prefer me on days that I go to yoga before work.

Depending how my day goes I may double dip and go to the drop in after work too! We’ll see though, I do wanna see my mama.



Man, today was a pretty hard practice for me. Morning classes are generally a bit more difficult for me on the mental yoga side… because I want to be all expecting and judgey when my body doesn’t do what I know it can do later in the day. But usually it’s not *too* bad. Today though, oww. It kinda hurt to be in forward fold. My neck and back were so tight that I didn’t really feel release until towards the end of practice. It was pretty annoying. I had to baby myself and guard my body to protect it from injury and I have to admit I was kinda frustrated with it.

I kept focusing on my breath to let go of those thoughts but they kept coming back. I have done yoga for 37 days in a row. Why the heck was today so difficult?

Maybe it was the fact that I snoozed more times than I thought possible and finally rolled out of bed at 5:52 and it class was at 6:15. 😛 I’m so not a morning person. I’m trying so hard. I really like the morning classes and how they enliven my entire day. But dang, today was so trying.

Then my workday was pretty stressful. But my awesome boyfriend brought me lunch, so that was a plus. And I graduate in 5 days !

Until tomorrow…



I am happy to report that despite my busy day yesterday, I still managed to get a practice in!

I had a very busy day yesterday, we went to one of my friends’ house for a cinco de mayo lunch of enchiladas, yum! Then we met the boyfriend and hiked the bike trail, the monster road his bike and was super awesome (he’s only been riding 2wheeler for a couple weeks). Little miss wanted to show off too, so she was doing all kids of tricks in the stroller, she’s a goof.

After the bike trail we headed to Grama K’s for a while and then the boyfriend and I went to a friend’s house. I realized I still hadn’t got my practice in, so I took over part of their living room floor and did a 20 minute practice, sun salutes with the warrior flow added in. I stayed in my forward folds for forever, and even threw in a few utkatasanas. Even though I normally don’t like warriors or chairs… I just felt like I needed them. I needed the openness that comes with those poses, the exposure. I’m not sure why, but I did. And they felt so good.

Today’s practice wasn’t as great. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I definitely felt it all day today. But, I did do the kids yoga video with the kids. They were half trying, it’s cute to watch them learn, and we now use some pranayam in coming back to the “green zone” when the monster crosses that line during a meltdown.

This is my last week as an undergrad! It’s crazy and exciting, scary too. I have a job, the start of a career in HR, but it’s still scary.  I worry about the unknowns of my future, but I know it’ll all work out. I just have to keep everything in perspective.

Can’t wait for class in the morning!



I made it to the studio again today, Friday’s are Happy Hour yoga at MSY and it’s probably my favorite practice of the week. Winding down from the insanity that is the gas/oil field industry… leaving everything behind for the weekend (for now, in the future I’ll be “on” all the time regardless of being on the clock or not, gotta love HR) and just letting go.

I have to admit, even when I’m quiet and paying attention to my breath, staying “inside”… My mind is racing. Occasionally I have been able to really push it all out of my mind and just be inside my body. But that is usually not the case. I think about work, I think about the boyfriend and our relationship, I think about the kids, what’s going on with my friends, and a million other random things. But I don’t just “be”.

Today, Kath told us to “lose your mind” multiple times throughout class and it was probably the best advice ever. Especially after the crazy week I had. I want to be able to just push it aside and not have everything that is going on weigh heavy on my shoulders but man, it’s tough.

Enough of the serious though… I have a yoga funny today…

So, they are renovating the bathrooms at work. There is only one woman’s and one men’s restroom and so they’re (rumored to be)putting a couple stalls in or something so that hopefully it won’t suck so much. But since they are renovating, that means that there are no bathrooms inside the building. I’d rather keep just 2 toilets than go a week with NO toilets, but I digress. So, because of the renovation, we have porta-pottys outside. Awesome. I had to use it 3 times today because I have a small, weak, bladder and it was a “can’t get by without coffee” morning. I used my experience productively…

I did yoga!

Okay, only kinda… but while hovering over the hole, I just thought of utkatasana and had this urge to put my arms up into a wide V. Why not right? lmao

So yea, porta-yoga. Smh, I am such a moron sometimes. Ha. But really, I felt it in my quads!

Next time you have to hover, use it as your “yoga”


Enough sillyness for today, I’m beat and the kids are already asleep soooo… I think this means a bedtime snack and an episode of Private Practice for me!

Namaste my friends,



Ohh, I have apparently missed morning practice. I wish I was more of a morning person so I could make it on a more regular basis, I love it when I do. It’s just soo hard because I’m a night owl. So, I’m going to try my best to make it to the studio at least once a week throughout the summer. My work schedule may shift from 8-5 to 5-5. So… I won’t be able to make mornings when that shift takes place. Boo.

The good thing is, I’m getting into my groove in a home practice. (Well, only 2 practices so far… But it’s a start!) I need to get some yoga music though. For now, pandora works okay. I’ve been using the “white noise” channel. But I do prefer the music we use in class. Like Alexi Murdoch’s Breathe. Favorite.

Alexi Murdoch: check him out on Youtube!

This morning’s class was awesome. I used my new mat (Manduka Eko Lite), and man… does it smell! lol Definitely need to air it out between use and break it in. I got a bit slick on it today, but I know once it’s broken it it’ll be as awesome as the one Kath has. I just have to stick it out.

We started with some leg stretches, on our backs, using the strap, and a bit of hips with leg circles. We did cat/cows and barrell rolls(which are one of my favorite things ever). Down dogs forever. I so wish I had more arm strength. My arms are so weak that even lengthy down dogs are difficult. My chatturanga is getting so awesome though. I can low push up and hover, and it’s exhilarating. I still need to build up the strength so I can swoop forward into up dog, but it’s a start. When I attempt it, I just end up belly flopping… In November  though, I couldn’t even barely hold blank for one breath, lowering down was a complete joke, so I’m definitely not complaining. I am super proud of myself for coming this far and sticking with it even though I’m not perfect.

I’m still revelling in the meltiness that came with this mornings practice. I am hoping it sticks around all day.



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