Goodbye Ordinary

Day 29: Grrrr to the interwebz

Posted on: April 30, 2012

So TWICE yesterday the wonderful internet ate my awesomely witty blog posts. I was too pissed the second time to re-type the whole thing and have it be as much of a suckfest as my post about day 28 so instead, I watched an episode of Private Practice on Netflix and went to bed.

Sorry, but my patience was wearing thin and I wanted to just throw my laptop out of the window at that point… Not so yogarian of me… But, at least I’m honest.

So, yesterday my post started something like “ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwwww” I was in sooo much pain. My ribs were insanely sore (well, my intercostal muscles, not the bones.. duh). Every time I took a breath in, I felt it and ahh it was intense. My whole body could feel the effects of the prior day(s)'(s) classes. Especially that hardcore plank. I’m still in awe that I somehow managed to hold it that long.

And I’m such a dork, last night I microwaved something for 1 min and 45 seconds and I was like “ohh, let me try to plank while waiting…” I didn’t last the whole time. But at least I put forth some effort right? 😛 I will be bikini ready by NEXT summer. HA HA.

Back to yesterday’s practice… It was another yin class, as apparently all of the Sunday evening classes were. I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get to take one of Brenna’s flow classes, but I couldn’t leave the kids home alone and my grama is a loyal church-goer so it just didn’t work with child care. Dang needy kids. (Just kidding, I love them. But really!)

We did kneeling dragon and aside from my knees getting a little sore, it was pretty awesome. My hips looved it. (Are you surprised? Brin liked a hip opener, no duh!?).

You know, since it’s been over 24 hours I can’t recall what else we did, only that it was a really great practice. I felt so calm and collected and grounded after class. It was wonderful.

Oh and funny tidbit– I’m officially a yogi. Because who, other than a true yogi, gets drunk and then does random yoga poses? No one. And since I totally did that… I am officially a yogi.

I got a bit tipsy and had to show off my plank ability… and then of course that led to chatturanga… and then some how I ended up doing wheel too. One of those “look what I can do” moments. I’m surprised I wasn’t a complete crazy and attempted like yoganidrasana or heck… tree with your leg extended holding your foot. Thank the lord I had SOME sense of decency. LOL

Yes. I am THAT girl.




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