Goodbye Ordinary

Day 27: Easing into Energy

Posted on: April 27, 2012

I kinda wish I could like, write down what we do in class as we do it or something, because it’s only been 2 hours and I already forget what exactly our practice consisted of this morning. I mean, I guess it doesn’t *really* matter… But, for this blog it does. and it bugs me that I forget already!

I know we started by stretching and loosening up our necks, then shoulders. The most awesome shoulder loosening EVER, with garudasana arms and then making circles with our elbows. Ah, it was almost orgasmic (okay, no, not really. But it was SOOO good). FTR, I don’t get anywhere close to that with thread the needle, but this I felt throughly stretched through my shoulders and ahhh, it was delightful.

Garudasana Arms

After that though it just becomes a blur in my memory of downward dogs, plank a few times, wind reliever, chair and twisting chair (gahh, chair KILLS me). Dear Utkatasana, I want to love you but man, my knees, thighs, abs, and low spine, kind of want to take you OUT. But it was a great practice. I’m always leaving class thinking that was the best class ever. Which I guess makes sense because I say that about some of my other favorite things as well. Do they really just keep getting better? Or is it just because I love yoga and how it makes me feel, both the physical and mental stimulation that it gives me?

I tried the Manduka ProLite and loved it. I was pretty warm in today’s class and my feet were pretty slick… and I didn’t slip! Tomorrow I’m going to try the EkoLite that she has and see how they compare, but I’m thinking the ProLite seems to fit my needs.

I got a nice surprise yesterday evening, the littles and I were invited to Grama K’s house and when we got there, my uncle from Indiana and part of his family were there! So were some other family members (and one in particular I’m NOT very fond of… who decided to judge me on breastfeeding and almost got the wrath of Brittany again), overall, it was good to catch up. Even though we live in the same county (except for my uncle) we really don’t see much of each other. There are actually a few cousins that I do like. 😉

I’m happy to report that it’s been an entire week (well, work week) of BOTH kids sleeping in their beds all night long. Little Miss even slept from 9pm-6am last night! Amazing. I’m hoping it will continue to get better, and she’ll stop waking up at 4am. But this is just awesomeness and unheard of in my life so WOOOT for sleeping children!

Now, I should go be productive.




2 Responses to "Day 27: Easing into Energy"

this sounds like such a nice practice! i totally agree with you on thread the needle. i love it, but i don’t think it really streches out my shoulders… at all… i just think it is comfy. garudasana on the other hand… woah! there is a shoulder strecht! three more days! can you believe it!

No! And I’m sad. I’m going to keep going everyday in the morning until at least graduation when my “student” rate runs out. 😛 Then I may do the morning sessions so that I can go more than just once in the evening. I’m so sad it’s coming to an end. *sigh* Next April will be even more awesome!

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