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Day 26: “Soft” does NOT mean “weak” or “easy.

Posted on: April 26, 2012

Phew, the home stretch of the yoga challenge is starting to kick my butt! The past two days were intense practices, balance poses & then ashtanga and man… My body is feeling it. But then this morning, we had a “softer” practice… though in all honesty, despite the slower pace… I don’t think it was overly “soft”. When I think of “soft” I think of a million hours of childs pose; not sun salutes until my arms are weak. I think of hanging out inlazyfoward folds, or in MY practice: chilling in frog forever. But, that’s not what I took away form today’s practice.

Savasana was amazing. I’m pretty certain I was just a breath away from passing out. I’m always surprised when she cues us to start breathing a little deeper, to move our fingers and toes, that I can still hear her and comprehend what she’s saying. Because I sure feel like I am knocked out.

I liked the change of pace today with the slower practice, but I still feel like we really worked. Practices like these and yin make it easier to do the intense vinyasa flow sessions, because we have something to come down to while recovering. Yet, it allows us to still work hard and progress. It’s not like we just laid in savasana for an hour, which would have been fantastic since it was awfully difficult to get out of bed this morning. I worked hard, and I can already feel it throughout my body (and the residual effects of the past few practices).

I also decided this morning that I need a new mat. I’m going to wait until after the challenge just in case I happen to win one (though, I never win anything, so I won’t hold my breath). And for the next few days I’m going to test out a Manduka PROlite to see if I slip any less. My hands and feet get pretty slick and the Hugger Mugger I have, just doesn’t cut it for me anymore, though it’s pretty, and cushy. But… yea, not so functional for serious practice anymore. Good thing graduation is coming up and I will hopefully get some play money to use for yoga (and maybe another tattoo)!

 I just have to say, I’m a total yoga addict.




2 Responses to "Day 26: “Soft” does NOT mean “weak” or “easy."

I was so happy (and relieved) to read this. I came away from this morning’s practice feeling like people were hoping for something more energetic. It was the practice *I* needed, that’s for sure, and I indulged myself and did most of it with everyone. I felt really good afterwards. I you are absolutely right: soft does not mean weak.
Thank you for this, and for this fine blog that you’ve kept up so diligently all month. I know what it takes.

I think most days whatever the practice is, is just what I need! Plus you can make “soft” practices more intense… and “rockin'” practices calmer (to an extent at least) if you need to. It’s been interesting to finally figure out how to adjust the practice to my needs. I think i’m almost there. Still don’t think I’m ready to just practice on my own without a plan, and I may never be to that point but, we’ll see!

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