Goodbye Ordinary

Day 25: Motivation

Posted on: April 25, 2012

You know how there are times in your life that you just want to do… nothing. Forever. and if people interrupt your nothingness or are motivated you really, really, don’t like them?

That is how my life was the past 2 weeks. At work, I (and luckily my boss too) didn’t really want to do anything. We just wanted to veg. Of course, we didn’t actually get to do nothing, as HR is a pretty hoppin’ place to be. But… we wanted to do nothing. And we were both kind of on the crabby side because we had to actually be productive (at least, mildly productive).

This week though?! We are totes making up for it. Already this week we have done sooo much. Today seemed to move at warped speed, everything was happening at once and we just bounced from project to project. It was great. I also have been motivated at home. Last night I rearranged the “jungle” (play) room completely and deep cleaned. Even got rid of some toys that haven’t been played with lately.

Today, by some miracle the kids even kept it clean! Amazing.

I even cleaned the bathroom and folded a million loads of laundry and put most of it away (except for mine),and partially cleaned the kids’ bedroom. Istill want to do the same deep spring clean for my room and finish the kids’ room. But… that’ll do for now.

In yoga, motivation is a completely different animal for me. Idk why it is, but every day I’m so excited to be there and to push myself further. I think it’s that I’m compensating for playing it safe in most of the other aspects of my life. Well, and that I just naturally wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m pretty frank about anything “me”. I’m an open book, and I’m very easy to read.

So, I’ve been uber motivated to go everyday, and to commit to my practice and rock it, everyday. Does that always happen? No. But, I do try.

The beautiful and inspiring Kes said something that resonated with me… She said that when she is practicing, she thinks to herself that she must look awful in each pose. Mind you, this woman is bendy, strong, beautiful, and joy just permeates from her throughout the room. She looks anything but awful in any pose.

However, I realized that on some level, I feel like that too. I too, am pretty bendy and I can usually “take it to the next level” in at least half of the poses during any given class… So I suppose I probably don’t look horrific either. But man, it sure motivated me to kick my self esteem in the ass and stop putting myself down. I don’t let other people treat me like that, so why in the heck do I do it to myself?! It’s unacceptable. I need to stop.


I should probably shower and hit the hay so I can make it to class in the morning!I bet I’m going to be sore from today’s craziness.



Maybe i’ll attempt to remember my ipod in the am and get Kath to take a couple yoga pics of me. Maybe. After the killer my self esteem had tonight… Maybe not.


1 Response to "Day 25: Motivation"

Brit, you have such a beautiful practice! it is crazy how hard we are on ourselves all the time… we are definitely our own worst critics. I appreciate your sweet words and hope that I, too, can overcome this self-deprecating attitude. good job on being productive, too! that is always my favorite feeling đŸ™‚ spring cleaning WIN!

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