Goodbye Ordinary

Day 24: Holding on…

Posted on: April 24, 2012

This morning I actually felt decent getting up before the sun… but I was kind of hoping the roads would be treacherous again and I could lay in bed longer. I peered out of my window and there had been no more snow last night… So I pulled on my yoga pants, quickly got “human”, and off I went.

I don’t go to yoga begrudgingly. I’m always happy to be there. It’s just that initial “snooze” effect. I want “five more minutes” of sleep. Of nothingness. I’m holding on to the comfort of my bed. The quiet of my sleeping children (which doesn’t happen often). As soon as I get to the studio and get on my mat, all of that disappears though. Then I’m holding onto every moment, trying to stretch each one so that I can stay in that blissful place away from my reality. Sadly, after savasana, it all comes back and reality hits me like a ton of bricks. Bam! It’s time for work. It’s time for traffic, following water trucks that probably are going to kick up rocks, or dust, or whatever onto my car. It’s time for the endless piles of paperwork and phone messages. Everyone wants something. All. The. Time.

They really should take up yoga and just CHILL OUT for a little while and give everyone else a break. Ha. Wishful thinking right? I guess I chose the wrong field. I should’ve just been a dreamer.

Today’s class was full of suns, planks, and hamstring stretches. My core and hamstrings are the two places that I need to strengthen the most, so I am always glad that Kath forces me to do them. (and yes, she forces me, with a smile even. Makes you want to hate her but she’s too sweet). We even got to play in navasana a little, singing “row, row, row your boat”. Have I mentioned that our yoga classes rock? So fun. More than a bit of a burning sensation in my abdomen… but fun!

I was a bit disappointed that the million suns we did didn’t make the sun come out. But it seemed to be shining a little this afternoon so, you’re welcome.

Until tomorrow,



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