Goodbye Ordinary

Day 22: Weekly Reset

Posted on: April 23, 2012

Man, am I going to miss the weekly yin yoga session after the challenge is over. As I’ve said before, I couldn’t do it for every practice but it is such a sweet change of pace after a week of a more “yang” practice where we’re flowing and rockin’ it pretty steady. It’s like my weekly reset button where my body gets to languorously savor each movement and settle in and just let go of everything.

Yesterday was a much needed yin day. Though, I could have easily had a hardcore practice and forgotten about my child frustrations, because the monster about drove me to the nut-house yesterday afternoon.

We stayed in a heavenly “sleeping swan” pose for what felt like years. I could have went to sleep. <3. There was also a great leg-lengthening forward fold in a runners stretch that was delicious, and a straddle/western side saddle forward fold. Love. I actually even got fairly far down compared to the recent past. There were more of course but… my memory sucks at the moment.

Lucky for my son, yoga did it’s job and put me in a happy zen mood. We were able to clean up the mess he made, have a long talk about why lying is wrong, AND he even finally admitted it was him that did it. I’m hoping we can continue to have these serious talks about things so that he’s confident that I will always be there to listen. He gets worried that we’ll “hate” him. Which is surprising because I don’t like to use “hate” in front of the kids, especially not when describing a person. Only about things like driving in the snow!

I was looking forward to this mornings morning session… But when I woke up and saw at least 6 inches of snow… I crawled back into bed, so it’s the 5:30 class for me!



P.S. I apologize for the lack of pictures in my recent posts… I will add one to this when I get some imported form my ipod 😛


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