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Day 21: Breathing for Balance

Posted on: April 22, 2012

*Sigh* I love backbends. I am pretty sad for this week to be coming to an end because backbends and hip openers are definitely my favorite practices. Yesterday’s class was more of those and ah, it was again, awesome.

We did a lot more pranayam than usual, kapalabhati in almost all of the poses. It was… different. I like kapalabhati but I kinda suck at the internal kumbhak, like I breathe in completely… great… hold it… great.. start to feel need, check… and then when I release… I always want to suck more air IN!? Idk doesn’t seem logical to me. So, it was kinda hard to keep doing it throughout the class.

Kapalabhati in dhanurasana (bow), navasana (boat), uttihita chaturanga dandasana (plank), and even a small version in setu bhanda sarvangasana (bridge) <<I try to teach myself the sanskrit names too. I definitely only know a handful of them too, luckily google and yoga journal exist to help me out!

We even did the “hard” version of fish (with hands holding your upper thigh rather than under your bum) with feet up… I attempted the arms up with palms together variation but it was too intense for me. I need to work on my core strength, especially lower abs.

The extra long version of plank using kapalabhati was KILLER. I thought I was going to fall on my face. Amazingly I managed to stay in plank the whole time but man, was it wonderful to release from that and just lay on my stomach. It was like.. euphoric. So worth it.

Also, thanks to these million planks and attempts at chaturangas… I, Brittany, am getting visible muscle tone! Whhaaaattt?! You can totally see the line of my tricep, and when I flex my bicep it looks like a muscle! It’s ahh-may-zing. and I confess, I have to show everyone that I talk to that knows how un-athletic I am. 😛 No, I don’t like attention at all.

I got to catch up on some sleep yesterday too, which was great. After yoga I came home, played with the kids and my cousin Ash, took them for a walk (on which I wore BOTH girls in kinderpacks on front and back). Then it started getting dark and gloomy and spitting rain so we curled up and watched some cartoons in the recliner… aka, the kids watched some cartoons and I napped with one in the crook of each arm. ❤ Bliss.

Then after lunch we took a legit nap for a couple of hours and then it was time to head to Grama K’s to so that the boyfriend and I could have an actual dinner date… which hasn’t happened since my birthday in AUGUST. We went to a hibachi restaurant (his first time) and it was soo good. I love hibachi. Next time we’ll get more sushi though. I was slightly disappointed that our chef didn’t really involve us much, no sake squirted or food flipped in anyone’s mouths. But, at least we have something to look forward to next time.

We even went to a friend’s house and watched Friends with Benefits (with the lovely Mila) <3. So, at least I had good reason for not posting “on time”.

Yoga at 5:30 tonight!



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I was SO STOKED the day I realised I was getting yoga muscles. I went out for dinner with a friend that night and surreptitiously flexed my biceps every time we passed a reflective surface 😉

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