Goodbye Ordinary

Day 19: From Energetic to Exhausted

Posted on: April 20, 2012

Eeek I fell asleep before I posted yesterday… Lo siento!

Yesterday was one of the best days, ever. I woke up (barely) and got to yoga at the last minute possible before class started. It was singlehandedly the best practice of my yoga experience. It was sweet and awesome and ah, it made my day so awesome. To be honest though, I can barely remember what we did because my memory sucks. I know we did backbends, and a bit of hip opening… because well, that’s what we’ve been doing all week. Ha!

What stands out in my memory is what it brought to my day. I had a great conversation with Kath after class about my spirited  son and then went to work. Work was the normal mix of craziness and waiting for the crazy. I was still restless throughout the day because there wasn’t much going on around here and I was kinda bored. It was a beautiful day and I just couldn’t get my head in the research and/or writing a paper phase of pending projects. But, I was sooo happy. I felt light, weightless even. I was breathing. I had a smile on my face all. day. long. On the way home I called my best friend Ily, like most days, and we chatted, and when I got home… I was just so happy to see Little Miss as she ran outside to greet me with her grubby face and outstretched arms. The sun was shining, it was warm out, and I was “home”. (I mean home in the broader sense of the term, not just physically at our house). After the monster woke up from his nap, we did a teeny bit of spring cleaning (and don’t tell my kids but I threw out some toys :sly) and it felt good for once to throw some stuff out. [[For all of you that don’t know me… I amkind of a teeny bit of a pack rat. I’m very thrifty and hate to spend money on most things… So I tend to keep things that I can possibly see any use for it in the future…]]

Then the monster asked if we could go to Walmart to buy a fish. I was in a great mood and just wanted to spend time with the kids so I obliged. He had said he wanted a goldfish this time (we’ve had 2 bettas in his life, Charlie when he was about 1 until almost 3, then Simon who he got when Charlie died until just last week.) We ended up getting two goldfish and a teeny idk what kind (on accident). Oren & Ivy are the goldfish, and Finn the mini fish. The monster named Oren and Finn… with his justification being “Oren because he’s orange… and Finn because fish have fins!” ❤ that kid.

Oren, Ivy, & Finn respectively

The uncontained joy the kids got from those dang 56 cent fish just amazed me. So sweet. They fought over getting to hold the bag of fish. Little Miss in the store, then the monster in the car, little miss getting to carry them into the house, and then the monster getting to put them in our fishbowl. ❤ They were quite the team and it was adorable.

I ended up falling asleep at my laptop before I posted, exhausted from the excitement of the day. I can’t really work on little sleep and going to the morning classes, while I love it… doesn’t give me as much sleep as I need without naps.




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I really want to get into yoga but I’m soooo not flexible right now. :/

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