Goodbye Ordinary

Day 18: The Perfect Practice

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Before I start let me first say that I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t strive for perfection (okay… well… maybe in school and everything else… ;)… I’m kinda a perfectionist). But I do know that perfectionism doesn’t exist. So, yea.

That being said, today’s practice was perfect. It was everything I wanted. Probably the best practice ever for me so far on my yoga journey. It was comprised of most of my favorite poses. I have a pretty bendy spine, and my hips are insanely flexible (if only my hamstrings would loosen the heck up!) and today was more hip openers and back bends. Emphasis on the hips. I was on cloud nine.

We even did frog and yoga nidrasana, two of my favorites! I could chill in either pose for hours! (though after, I’d probably be a little uncomfortable… frog kinda twirks your legs weirdly). I can still play in frog to make it fairly intense, but I can lay flat on the floor and ahhh, it just makes me feel so open and soft. Despite the rest of the class whining that they hate it! (Okay, really, our class is always comprised of troopers that rock whatever Kath throws at us… There is very little whining, except for ME when we do like a million warriors and planks and I want to vomit. LOL) But in their heads, I’m sure at least some of them were groaning as we continued to hold bhekasana.

I love yoga nidrasana. Love. I have been able to do that for as long as I can remember. Though, I never knew it was a yoga pose… and I don’t do it often because well… you’re very… “exposed” in that pose. But ah, it’s love. I know I could make it even more awesome by working on bringing the bind into more than just my fingers… and being able to arch my back (rolling in) more. I know there is always room for improvement. I just love it though. So relaxing and oddly comfortable for me to be like that.

Now one pose that I don’t care for as much: Happy baby. For whatever odd reason, it’s slightly painful for my hips to be in happy baby. You’d think with all the other crazy open poses I can go to almost the full expression of that have to do with hips… that happy baby would be, well, happy. But it so isn’t for me. I like supta baddha konasana rather well, and I even like doing the “foot phone” thing… Happy baby though, I just can’t get with it.

Yoga Nidrasana at home... don't mind my weird looking arm 😛

I guess that’s all I have to report. The boyfriend is here and thinks I should get off the laptop and pay attention to him. Sheesh! 😛




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