Goodbye Ordinary

Day 17: Let the Sunshine Warm Your Soul

Posted on: April 17, 2012

I woke up this morning and snoozed my alarm apparently 4 times. I actually got out of bed when I realized my clock read “5:57”. I brushed my teeth, changed from pajamas to yoga pants and a tank, grabbed a shirt to don after class that was “professional” enough for a casual outfit for work (to be paired with my yoga pants), ran down stairs, threw my lunch in my pack (luckily I remembered for once to pack the portions the night before) and jumped in the car… “6:02”. Not to shabby.

I wasn’t quite awake when I got to class this morning though. I did today’s practice sans contacts. I think it actually helped some (though in balance poses, that would have been a problem) because I couldn’t look at anyone else. The class was also pretty small this morning, which I prefer to the full classes because I don’t get as distracted (in highschool, my good friend Blake used to call me goldfish…). We did some more hip openers this morning, as well as dynamic bridges and a few other poses like locust.. I know I’m forgetting what else but… I should have blogged earlier and I didn’t. Forgive me.

Every time I go to the morning class I am happily surprised at how well I feel after class. At 7:15 in the morning I am AWAKE, energetic, and HAPPY. It’s unheard of and so awesome. I just have a hard time peeling myself out of bed that early in the morning to make it there on time.

I’ve been thinking more about my post from yesterday and I am just so happy to be happy. A bunch of my old online comrades started a facebook group and we’re all reconnecting, many of them I hadn’t spoken to in years, so I had to rehash some of the key things that have happened in the past few years and a few of them are anything but happy. It made me remember that time and just how not happy I was. I feel so lucky to have been able to step away from that life and start a new, improved, life for my kids and myself. I’m incredibly happy to be happy.

One of the best parts of the morning yoga class is watching the sunrise. It’s so beautiful to see the tops of the mountains and the sun just beaming. Today is a new day. Tomorrow it will fade away. Only to be replaced by another. It’s just a reminder that life goes on. You have to hold onto the sunshine and let it in.  Sunshine makes me smile. We’re all so lucky to be given this life and the chance to make changes as necessary to make it something that makes us happy.

(Wow, was this warm and fuzzy or what?)




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Warm and fuzzy are always good. 🙂

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