Goodbye Ordinary

Day 15: Letting Go & Sinking In

Posted on: April 15, 2012

Yin yoga.


I don’t know if I could do it every day, but after doing two classes now, I decided I really like it. Last week I wasn’t so sure, but today was soo awesome. Half saddle, spinal twists, I suck and forget what else but… Whatever.

It was just what I needed today. Slow paced. Quiet. My hips feel so open. I feel taller (again, I’m not sure I need to be any taller, but the lack of compression is wonderful, despite my issues with my height). As time went on in each pose, the prana grew, but at the same time I could soften, letting go of tension patterns I’ve been holding for who knows how long… and sink further and further into the pose. Into my breath, and into myself. I feel refreshed, though if I’m honest I really should shower. Ha. If my children would go the heck to sleep, that is!

I have really tight hamstrings. This fact is kind of depressing to me because I used to be soooo limber. I was practically a rubber band.

This was me Fall 2006

I was that flexible. Even after having the monster. I was that flexible. Then I got pregnant with little miss, still could do that at the beginning of her pregnancy… and by the end… nada. Now, HA. My wide angle forward fold is anything but “wide” and when I drop my head down.. It literally means just looking down at the floor. So sad. I used to be able to chill in that split for however long I pleased. My entire abdomen laying on the floor. Sigh. I guess Iam getting older. But sheesh.


So, now you understand why my intention to “meet each moment as it arises, WITHOUT expectations or judgements” is so difficult for me in poses such as wide angle seated forward fold. But, I will keep up with it. I will become okay with my body as it is now. Eventually.

Now, it’s time to wrestle the kidlets and get them to go to bed!




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