Goodbye Ordinary

Day 14: Babies, Boyfriend, & Breathing

Posted on: April 15, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling normal again, aside from a killer headache. Made the kids a delicious breakfast of whole wheat french toast & eggs & OJ. Then laid around with them all morning because of the headache… Made lunch… egg salad sandwiches for me and the girl, the boy wanted mac n cheese. Then it was naptime, which resulted in Little Miss and I napping, The monster driving me insane until finally I granted him permission to watch a movie and “rest” instead.

Then it was time to get ready for yoga… The boyfriend so wonderfully had agreed to watch the kids while I went to class as my usual sitter (my grama) was out of town for the day. So, the boyfriend took the kids to his house where his family was having a big family dinner… and it was nerve wrecking for me. It was the first time he’s ever taken them by himself anywhere… and only like the 2nd or 3rd time he’s ever had them without me there.

Needless to say, my practice today was shoddy. I tried so hard to stay grounded and meet each moment as it came… I tried to block everything out and just stay within… but every time that I tried to shut the outside world out, my mind went straight to the kids… There were sirens and I immediately thought “Oh God, what if they got into an accident?! Which direction were the emergency responders headed?! What time is it, they should have already made it home I think…?” etc. etc. I was a wreck. Granted that was the first time he’d ever driven them somewhere without me… and really, no one except my grama and my mom have ever driven them without me. So, it was kind of a big deal.

And… I may or may not kind of be a bit dramatic… and a weeeee bit paranoid (thank you Grama K).

So even though today’s practice was perfect physically for me, it was softer and sweeter than the typical vinyasa flow classes, my head wasn’t as in it as it should have been. My “yoga” was more in calming myself down over my kids being with the boyfriend on his own.

After class I immediately texted him to see if everything was alright and usually I linger around after class and chat… But tonight I practically bolted out of the door as if the building were on fire.. Did I say that I was a wreck? LOL It’s kinda ridiculous. But, I love my kids… and I want the boyfriend to love them too… and for them to not be horrible and make him rethink our relationship. So, this “first” was pretty stressful for me.

I am happy to report that they all survived! Little miss was angelic and the monster was pretty awesome considering he hadn’t had a nap today. He even told me that he stayed in the “green zone” (emotionally, with NO tantrums) the whole time, which is awesome. Even more awesome that he was able to use that language to tell me about how he did while I was gone!

I’d say today was a success, and while I didn’t rock so much on the mat (although, fish and up boat were both awesome today!). I didn’t quite have a full on panic attack about the boyfriend having the responsibility of both kids for almost 2 hours.

Tomorrow I’ll get more focused on being back on the mat, breathing, and of course: rocking it.




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