Goodbye Ordinary

Day 13: A Sick Session from Bed.

Posted on: April 13, 2012

I knew that this would happen. Hi, I’m Brittany/Brin and I have pretty horrible luck.

I woke up before my alarm today (5:00am) to a horrible pain in my stomach, cold sweats, and… I’m sure you don’t want to know the rest.

I’m thinking it was something to do with what I ate yesterday (which I honestly can not remember other than Taco Hell.. and that could very likely be the issue there). Because no one that I know has gotten a bug like this recently so I’m not sure where it came from if it’s a bug.

But here I am, almost 5pm, I’ve literally only moved from my bed all day to go to the bathroom, and just now forced down a bowl of chicken noodle soup because I need to eat something. I’m not going to make it to yoga today, and that makes me pretty sad.

Since I am not willing to give up on the challenge completely, I’m going to at least do a mini practice of “bed yoga”. I haven’t gotten sick since around 1, so who knows maybe the worst is over and now I’m just in the remnant stage of weakness, headache, and tiredness? I no longer feel queasy, which is a huge relief because I absolutely HATE throwing up.

Also, just ftr. My arms are still killing me. I may have over-did it a little on Wednesday night because yesterday no one else seemed this sore. But I’m still this sore. Owww. It hurts-so-good when I  put pressure on those areas and massage them. Unfortunately, I feel too weak to massage myself much today.

Okay, pity party over. If I have some of my normal loquaciousness back later on, I may fill you in on the rest of my day and “bed yoga” but… if not, send me good vibes that I’ll be better by the morning!



1 Response to "Day 13: A Sick Session from Bed."

Oh Brin! I was so distraught when I read this late last night. Please take good, good care of yourself and use that self-care as your yoga. There is the yoga of injury and the yoga of sickness and they are both really deep practices. It is EASY to practice when you feel on top of the world. The practice shows its true colors though, when you can just sip warm soup and lay on the couch and tend to your body’s needs in the same way you would on the mat.
Namaste, dear one. Get better soon!

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