Goodbye Ordinary

Day 12: Feeling the Fire

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Another day, another yoga practice. I’m getting quite used to this routine. Surprisingly I still haven’t dreaded “having” to go to class even once… Except for maybe dreading waking up at 5:30ish to make it to the morning class. But, not because of yoga, because of me NOT being a morning person (and staying up too late).

After all of the virabhadrasana (warrior) vinyasa [[I can’t help myself… say that 5 times fast “virabhadrasana vinyasa” 😛 fun!]] flow yesterday, I am SORE today. Those jello arms I talked about last night? Totally aching, moaning, burning blue, jello arms today. The front of my shoulders especially (idk what you really call that area… except for OUCH). I wasn’t whiny today; I know, amazing huh? But I could definitely feel my practice in every single movement that I made. I couldn’t wait for today’s class today in hopes that I was met with a relaxing thorough stretch for all those aching muscles.

Of course, Kath knew we’d all be begging for that, so she heeded to our plea and gave us this sweet, langourous, stretchy-as-taffy practice. I feel taller because of being so thoroughly stressed and decompressed (as if I need to be any taller >.< but whatever). My head feels lighter, my arms are still on fire, but it’s more of a slow roasting burn now instead of that intense fireball the encompasses you and you can’t escape the heat. My hips feel open. My mind feels centered. I am sooo ready for bed.

I’m a tad nervous about tomorrow’s practice, it’s been a one day on, one day off of this warrior intensity week… which would mean tomorrow is day ON… and I’m not sure my body can handle another bout with the warriors. They may just take me down this time.I suppose, I’ll give it my best shot and just hope it’s not a knock-out.


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