Goodbye Ordinary

Day 8: A new experience

Posted on: April 8, 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve only been doing yoga since November. Prior to that, I had only done yoga on the wii, which is just the postures. I had tried tai chi when I was in China, but that was as close I got to an instructed class of any kind. Today the lovely Miss Brenna taught class, giving Kath a day off since she’s teaching every day Mon-Sat. Brenna did yin yoga, and it was definitely different than what I’m used to. I liked it, but I don’t think I could do that everyday. Maybe once a week as a thorough relaxation.

Having a different instructor kinda threw me for a loop at first. It took me a bit longer than usual to “go inside”, since I’m used to Kath’s voice and her style. But once I got there, it was a great session. My body feels sated and soft, the majority of the tension was released and I got to that happy place of just breathing. Listening to the breath, noticing the movement and the stillness, pushing myself to my edge and then hovering here, for minutes this time instead of seconds.

Then I went and in true Easter dinner fashion, I undid all the greatness I got from yoga with some delicious food. But hey, ’tis the season!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. The kids and I had a good, low-key day with the family, and I cheated a tiny bit on my “real food” diet… But I’ve done amazing the rest of the week so… One mess up isn’t too awful.

Now it’s time for bed for this mama.




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