Goodbye Ordinary

Day 7: The calm amidst the chaos.

Posted on: April 7, 2012

This morning started differently than most other Saturdays of my life. I woke up at 6:22 and was wide awake. I hadn’t went to bed until after 1am, so I was like.. What gives? Apparently my body is starting to get used to the morning routine of the 6:15 yoga class and the mad rush it takes to get there… But I wanted just one day to sleep in, so I shh’d Little Miss when she was starting to stir and went back to sleep. Little Miss then woke up just before 8:30 and I realized there was no use, I was up for the day. Shortly thereafter, I was kicking myself for not going to the 8am class, because I was dragging like you wouldn’t believe. How annoying.

Then the chaos began. We had to go back to the dealer to give them the title of my old hunk of junk, and to trade the dealer plate for my old plate…So the kids and I made the trek down to the dealer (over an hour), Little Miss decided to scream her head off the majority of the trip down (and part of the way back). In hindsight, I should have made a recording of it so that you could all enjoy that joyful sound too. >.< Not. I was so thankful that she gave me one of my amazing migraines. Arrgh.

Image by Migraine chick

After going to the dealer, I realized I had forgotten to bring clothes for yoga, and since we weren’t headed back home until way later, I decided to just got o TJ Maxx and buy some, I’ve been wanting a couple more tops anyway. We did that, The Monster started acting up and was driving me bonkers, but after a few wrong turns we made it back on the correct highway and off to Grama’s house. My aunt and uncle are up visiting, we had our Easter dinner today, as they had other plans for tomorrow. It was soo good. I took a catnap and then went to yoga, finally.

Today’s practice was calm, quiet, a bit slower paced, and delicious. We spent some time in seated wide angle forward fold, a posture that frustrates the hell out of me. I have to realllly reallly focus on meeting that posture without expectation or judgment. My entire life, until giving birth to my second child [[Little Miss]], I had a perfect straddle split. I actually had an over-extended straddle split. I could put one foot on the lower rung of a ballet bar and sink my hips to the floor. I was awesome. But… Now my wide angle is not-so-wide. I just want it back… or even almost back, to what it used to be! Sigh, I guess that’s what happens when you have children and/or get older.  Maybe someday.

We also did navasana again, and I realized I really must be weird because as Kath told us to smile and lift our navels higher… I smiled, held the pose, shaking like a madwoman… and the smile wasn’t even forced. I just love that feeling. Being in control, while at the same time not being able to control the body’s reaction. Feeling all of that energy coursing through every fiber of my being. It’s just amazing to me. The body is amazing.

Until tomorrow…




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