Goodbye Ordinary

Day 6: A day of challenge & changes

Posted on: April 7, 2012

Eek, I’m late, I’m late!

Sorry everyone, I meant to write this earlier but today was an insanely busy day. Woke up, went to morning yoga, then to see the boyfriend for a bit. Came home, got the kids and we all went to good ol’ Walmart, came home… ate lunch, took a quick nap while the kids napped and THEN… My grampa came and asked what cars I’d been looking at. (My car was a hunk of junk and was increasingly scary to drive! Okay, that’s downplaying it a bit… It was kinda terrifying actually). Well, I jokingly said… want to go to the dealer?! and he was like.. sure! So, him and I went to the dealer a bit over an hour away, where there was one I loved (online).

Well, long story short.. We came home with a new vehicle! I’m absolutely STOKED. It drives like a dream, is soo clean, and BLUE (my favorite color). ❤ It was a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend… But, it’s quality and that’s what matters, besides… what is another $2,000 on a car loan? pfft. Who cares?! So yea… I’m officially in debt. Eh, guess I’m American!

Anywho, the point of this blog is my adventures in yoga… So about today: I didn’t want to wake up. My 2yo woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. [[Don’t you HATE that?!]] I laid in bed debating… should I just go to the evening class? As I didn’t have to work today… But I didn’t know what would happen this evening and I would not, could not, miss a class! So I reluctantly rolled out of bed, threw some yoga pants and a tank on… brushed my teeth and somehow made it to class on time. Boy, was I glad I did.

Practice today was stellar. Seriously, I always say that. But it’s true! I got soo into it (though I felt a bit congested) and every asana was met with such joy, even my favorite, navasana. I mentioned to Kath that I must be crazy because navasana is probably one of my favorite poses… I shake like I’m being electrocuted, and oh God does it hurt… BUT as soon as I return all my appendages to the mat, I feel high on the vibrations coursing through my body. I feel awake and alive.That’s why we do yoga, right? I love it! Navasana, you kick my ass. But I LOVE you for it.

I also rocked an amazing fish posture today. Kath came along and helped me get deeper into it, as I didn’t know where my edge really was. But once I found it, it was so sweet. Challenging for sure, but sooo gratifying. I live my life in fish posture mentally. I let myself be vulnerable to love, to pain, to emotion… and yea, sometimes it comes crashing down and really sucks… But when you open yourself to all of those things, to others, you are able to experience such great joy and really revel in the moments. That is how fish felt for me today. I just stayed in the pose, breathing and basking in it’s sweetness. Knowing I was letting the world and everything in. I was unguarded and it felt amazing.

After being so terribly hurt in my past, it took a long time to get to the point where I’m okay in being vulnerable. I like being vulnerable because I know how much better it is when you let others into your life, into your heart and being.

Now, I’m exhausted. All of the excitement of a new car, the ramming around today, the long hours since this morning’s 6:15 class… I am headed to bed, and no, I will not be making it to the morning class tomorrow… If there isn’t room in the evening class, I may cry. Ha.

Namaste yogis, and have a good rest.

<<Yogagirl, with new wheels.


1 Response to "Day 6: A day of challenge & changes"

Wow, such a great description of enjoyment from yoga. Inspires me to practice again soon!

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