Goodbye Ordinary

Day 5: Slow down, world!

Posted on: April 5, 2012

I hope I’m not the only one thinking it… But it’s Thursday already!? This week is flying by (thanks to being busy, no doubt) and it kind of scares me that the first week of April is over halfway gone. I have to admit, I have gotten pretty darn comfy with my current “intern” status. With the routine of Tuesday HRMU meetings with a few good friends from campus, followed by yoga. With the craziness that is life with 4 and 2 year olds.

At the middle of May, all of that is going to change. The rug of familiarity is going to be ripped out from under me and, if I am honest, (which I, sometimes very bluntly, am). I am terrified. I don’t want my whole life to change. Okay, I do. But I don’t! I want my friends (who will be dispersing throughout the country, even one back to Texas!) to still be able to make time for me, even if it’s just for an unimportant meeting for a professional organization… I want to know that I have a set schedule of when I need to be at work, with a clear-cut time frame that I can go home! I want to have yoga as my getaway…and I will. The problem is, with this huge change [[graduation]], many of those things WILL change.

Either I’ll get hired on as a permanent employee, or I won’t. My current friends will turn into strictly facebook/occasional text buddy friends (which makes me sad). My kids will stay used to me not being around very much during the week, even more so if I become a permanent employee; I won’t have a set time to “go home”. I’ll be at work until the job is done. The only thing that I can say I won’t give up is yoga. Now that I have fallen for it, I NEED it. The moment I walk out of the studio I’m jonesing for another session. I go home and try to convince the kids to do the kids’ yoga DVD with me. and I am so excited the next time I go up those stairs for another class!

But I need to keep it in perspective, this is where the yoga happens; In real life. When I can meet each moment without expectation, and without judgment. When I can embrace theFACTof life that everything WILL change and not worry or falter in my knowledge that I CAN get through it. I can not only survive it, I can thrive in it and be AWESOME and successful. THAT is when the real “yoga” occurs. It is only then that I will experience serenity for real and not in the “clinical” way (okay, the studio isn’t clinical, but ykwim, those feelings in yoga practice are one thing… in real life application they are so much more difficult to achieve)!

Today’s morning class was awesome, again. I feel like I say that after every class (well, I do… and also a ton of “oooh I love yoga!” statements… ask the boyfriend). I mean it every time though! There is just something spectacular about standing in tadasana, then starting a sun salutation to the newly risen sun. It’s like I’m becoming one with the world. Aligning myself with nature. That sounds corny, but FOR REAL.

Image from

Class flew by this morning. I felt like we’d barely practiced and it was time to go. Again with the “slow down, world!” point of this post. I want to savor it. I want to be able to concentrate on every movement my breath creates in my body. On every sensation that follows an intense asana; the tingling, the release, and the openness. Someday, I will get to the point that I am able to do all of those things and be able to notice and appreciate all of them.

I’ll continue on my journey toward these things. Hopefully with some “followers” in addition to my local fellow yogarians that I am lucky enough to have by my side on my walk!



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