Goodbye Ordinary

Day 4: Starting my day with serenity

Posted on: April 4, 2012

I switched it up today and actually rolled myself out of bed at 5:40 in order to make it to the 6:15 yoga challenge class. I of course ended up forgetting my dish to pass for the company cook-out today and didn’t realize it until I was halfway to town… and then I didn’t want to go back because I may not have gotten a stone. (Turns out, I could have made it and there would have been space but… I was NOT going to chance not having mat space when I was up that early in the morning specifically for yoga!)

Lo and behold, I actually LOVED the morning class. A perfectly timed sun salutation right after the sun rose high into the sky, completely made my day and filled my heart with joy. I couldn’t help but smile… even though there were a few moments during today’s practice that I was a teeny bit in pain. We did hip openers for most of the class, which Ilove.In some ways, hips are “easy” for me because I’m pretty flexible in that area, but it’s also an area where I used to have sooo much more capacity of motion and I want so badly to get back to that, so it’s a place I am comfortable with pushing myself more than in other muscle groups.

It’s 2:30ish now and I haven’t collapsed in exhaustion yet. I actually got to work at 8 with more energy than I have ever had at that time in the morning. My only issue is that I need a more substantial breakfast, especially after such a good workout, being that I have a crazy high metabolism. Today’s breakfast of blueberries, an apple, and string cheese didn’t cut it. I’ve been snacking on dry roasted edamame, but still… I can not wait until the cook out in 45 mins! I am thinking this weekend I will make some homemade whole wheat tortillas and then whip up some breakfast burritos to freeze so I can bring a bunch to work for days that I go to the morning class.

Looks like I will be giving up my nightly Private Practice episode on Netflix for an earlier bedtime so that I can make it to the morning class and start my day balanced on both feet, instead of “on the wrong foot”.


P.S. If anything else noteworthy happens today… I’ll just include it in tomorrow, I know I know, you’ll be on the edge of your seats (or mats). 😉


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