Goodbye Ordinary

Day 3: A whole body experience

Posted on: April 4, 2012

If I weren’t making the intention for this month (and always with yoga) to approach everyday, and as much in my life as possible, without judgment, then I would probably start this post rather differently.

It’s 3 days into the challenge, and my entire body can already feel it. Changes are happening, in every fiber of my being, from the crown of my head, through my ribcage and abdomen, all the way to my toes; I can feel it. Instead of putting myself down because I was/am “weak”, “out of shape”, or whatever negative adjective I’d have used with my past mindset… I am focusing on all the positive that has already came from yoga since the fall, in the first few days of the challenge, and even on the unknown that will come with finishing out the month. I may not have been practicing long, but I feel like a yogi.

Back to my body, today after class, my arms are still a bit tingly. They definitely got worked the past few days. My upper body strength is continuously being challenged (and little by little, it’s improving). I’m getting stronger.

Today I was able to focus on my breath better than I have in any of my prior practices (since November). We focused on lateral angles today, stretching the side body and creating as much space as possible between the intercostals. At times it was difficult to breathe, with one side being compressed as the other is stretched taut. For once though, I didn’t catch myself holding my breath! I could feel all of the space growing in my ribcage, between each rib, and into my lungs. It felt so freeing, like something that had been encasing me was now being broke away breath by breath.

Kath talked about altered states of consciousness and I was completely and thoroughly taken away from my “normal” state and taken to a place where it is soft, free, and wonderful. Like usual after savasana, I was reluctant to come back. It’s like how I feel every morning after I finally get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep… “just 5 more minutes?!” is what I wanted to remark. 😛

I suppose, I can wait until tomorrow’s class and be taken away once again, with the power of the body, mind, and spirit, and most notably, the breath.

Goodnight yogis!



1 Response to "Day 3: A whole body experience"

I love this post! You articulate so beautifully what you are going through, what you are feeling. You ARE becoming such a beautiful yogini!


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