Goodbye Ordinary

Day 2: Out with the old, in with the new

Posted on: April 3, 2012

As I mentioned before, I am changing up my eating habits this month in addition to doing the yoga challenge. I’m cutting highly processed food out, and letting all the “real” food in! This is what I had today:

Breakfast: Rolled oats (the real way, not a packet!) with frozen wild blueberries (that my grama, the kids, and I picked in the summer) & our families maple cream. Yes that’s right, my grandparents are maple syrup producers, so I get the good stuff!

Morning snack: Blueberries & granola

Lunch:Pasta salad (vegetable noodles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, & balsamic vinniagrette) and 2 deviled eggs.

Dinner:Lima beans, sweet potatoes (I put a little syrup on them too), corn off-the-cob (but from our garden!), & pork chops

Dessert/Snack: PB&J Smoothie from 100 days of Real Food, I also added some superfruit powder… which is a mix of Goji, Acai and… a third which I’ll edit in later because I forget. lol

I realized that I want to snack all day long, to stay awake, or not die of boredom. So I need to come up with some other thing to keep my attention and wake me back up.

Now to the yoga portion…

Day 2 was so sweet, my low back was pretty tight (as usual) but after class I feel great. We did some balance poses that I definitely need to work on, along with more plank/down dog & bridge.

We also did Kapalabhati, which could be one of those ways I get re-energized throughout the day… though my coworkers may think I’m even more crazy than they thought if I start doing that in the office!!

Savasana was extra satisfying today and I really, really, did not want to get up!

So, this post is lacking in some “meat” but… I’m pretty beat so I will have to edit sometime with some more substance… or… not.

Love & Peace


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