Goodbye Ordinary

Day 1: A calming class after a chaotic day.

Posted on: April 2, 2012

Well, I officially got through day 1 of the yoga challenge.  Lucky for me I remembered at like 5:45pm about tonight’s class! Today was a crazy hectic day for us with little miss’s 2nd birthday party. So many last minute things to do (I am a horrible procrastinator… but at least I am honest!) I felt like a chicken with my head cut off half the day, but it was worth it and we all had a good time.


Class today was a bit slower paced than what most of our classes have been lately, but it was still awesome and like usual, I was sad it was over after the hour. We did a variety of poses, including some killers (for me) plank ((which I realllly struggle with)) and navasana ((which is killer, but I love it!)), but also some easier poses like supported bridge and baddha konasana. My hips are very flexible, but that’s partially where my practice landed today.

I really am trying to commit to my breath for the entire class, every class. It is difficult at times, as I just want to hold my breath but it really does make it easier when I remember to breathe. Today I felt like I made some progress in plank. Plank is my frenemy pose. It is beyond difficult for me, for many reasons. 1. I have bad/weak wrists. I tore my ligaments in my right wrist about 9 years ago and my wrists were continuously injured prior to that (thank you volleyball). and 2. I have verrrry little upper body strength. Today I committed to my breath and while I couldn’t stay in the pose the entire time every time. I was able to be more secure in plank and hold it for longer than I normally can. Granted I was shaking like I had my finger in a light socket… But that is totally okay with me. One day, I will be able to stay in plank for minutes AND chaturanga dandasana like a pro. One day.

For now, I’ll continue to remember to breathe. Focus on clarity of the mind, kindness, openness of the heart & compassion.


–Yogagirl << My superhero name according to my four year old 😛


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