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Posted on: April 30, 2012

Today was the end of the yoga challenge. I did it! 30 days of yoga! 29 days of in class practices… and one day where I was too pukey to make it to class but I DID still do a mini home practice. So go me! We celebrated tonight being the last class with a “yoga playground” practice that was light and fun. We even did some partner stuff, which I looove.

Kestrel and Kath made an awesome I-video of some of the pictures throughout the course of the challenge. It was super awesome. But I will admit to being a bit disappointed, as there were zero pictures of me practicing, despite my stellar attendance. :/ One of these days I’ll have to remember my camera AND get some courage to ask someone to take some pictures. I want to remember my yoga beginnings someday when I’m a super awesome, dedicated, experienced yogi.

The party afterwards was so much fun though, all of the MSYogarians are such rad people. They come from such varied backgrounds and have so many interesting interests. (Repetitive much?) The food was great, the conversations were better, and to top it all off I even won a manduka water bottle ūüėõ

Since I didn’t win the mat, I came home and ordered one. I went with a Manduka Eko Lite. A few people tonight said that they had a hard time breaking theirs in because at first they’re slick… So I’m hoping I can get through that to wear it’s as awesome as Kath’s broken in Eko Lite that I’ve been using the past few days. We’ll see! I intend to break it in quickly with daily practices, even if it’s just a 10 min youtube video, a few sun salutes in the morning, or the yoga in motion kids video with the littles.

I love the way a daily practice has made me feel this month, and I’m so not ready to let go of that.

Thank you for everyone who has followed me on this challenge. I intend to keep up with the blog (though probably not daily), adding more of my life and children instead of just yoga. But, we’re pretty interesting folk, if I do say so. So, follow along and get to know us a little better!

Like any good yogi, I love to share.



Day 30: Yoga Challenge (ext)END(ed)


So TWICE yesterday the wonderful internet ate my awesomely witty blog posts. I was too pissed the second time to re-type the whole thing and have it be as much of a suckfest as my post about day 28 so instead, I watched an episode of Private Practice on Netflix and went to bed.

Sorry, but my patience was wearing thin and I wanted to just throw my laptop out of the window at that point… Not so yogarian of me… But, at least I’m honest.

So, yesterday my post started something like “ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwwww” I was in sooo much pain. My ribs were insanely sore (well, my intercostal muscles, not the bones.. duh). Every time I took a breath in, I felt it and ahh it was intense. My whole body could feel the effects of the prior day(s)'(s) classes. Especially that hardcore plank. I’m still in awe that I somehow managed to hold it that long.

And I’m such a dork, last night I microwaved something for 1 min and 45 seconds and I was like “ohh, let me try to plank while waiting…” I didn’t last the whole time. But at least I put forth some effort right? ūüėõ I will be bikini ready by NEXT summer. HA HA.

Back to yesterday’s practice… It was another yin class, as apparently all of the Sunday evening classes were. I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get to take one of Brenna’s flow classes, but I couldn’t leave the kids home alone and my grama is a loyal church-goer so it just didn’t work with child care. Dang needy kids. (Just kidding, I love them. But really!)

We did kneeling dragon and aside from my knees getting a little sore, it was pretty awesome. My hips looved it. (Are you surprised? Brin liked a hip opener, no duh!?).

You know, since it’s been over 24 hours I can’t recall what else we did, only that it was a really great practice. I felt so calm and collected and grounded after class. It was wonderful.

Oh and funny tidbit– I’m officially a yogi. Because who, other than a true yogi, gets drunk and then does random yoga poses? No one. And since I totally did that… I am officially a yogi.

I got a bit tipsy and had to show off my plank ability… and then of course that led to chatturanga… and then some how I ended up doing wheel too. One of those “look what I can do” moments. I’m surprised I wasn’t a complete crazy and attempted like yoganidrasana or heck… tree with your leg extended holding your foot. Thank the lord I had SOME sense of decency. LOL

Yes. I am THAT girl.



I’m pretty bummed, wordpress ate my post and didn’t even save my draft! ūüė¶

Yesterday’s practice was super intense. We started class with a 3 minute “plank off”. I was shooting for a minute, without actually thinking that I’d hit the minute mark… and I totally made it for 2 minutes and 50 seconds!!! What?! I was super stoked, I definitely rocked the plank ūüėõ

After that we had a pretty intense vinyasa flow practice. I had some sort of yoga break through and I even felt good in the Virabhadrasana flow. I felt strong in Vira 1. Normally I feel unstable and weak. But I just wanted to smile, it was awesome.

I had a long witty post about yesterday’s practice but now I can’t even remember so… I may edit this when I have more than half a brain. ūüėõ

I kinda wish I could like, write down what we do in class as we do it or something, because it’s only been 2 hours and I already forget what exactly our practice consisted of this morning. I mean, I guess it doesn’t *really* matter… But, for this blog it¬†does.¬†and it¬†bugs me that I forget already!

I know we¬†started by¬†stretching and loosening up our necks, then shoulders. The most awesome shoulder loosening EVER, with garudasana arms and then making¬†circles¬†with our elbows.¬†Ah, it was¬†almost orgasmic (okay, no, not really. But it was SOOO good).¬†FTR, I don’t get anywhere close to that¬†with thread the needle,¬†but this I felt throughly¬†stretched through my shoulders and ahhh, it was delightful.

Garudasana Arms

After that though it just¬†becomes a blur in my memory of downward dogs, plank a few¬†times, wind reliever, chair and¬†twisting chair (gahh, chair KILLS me). Dear Utkatasana, I want to love you but man, my¬†knees, thighs, abs, and low spine, kind of want to take you OUT. But it was a great practice. I’m always leaving class thinking that was the best class ever. Which I guess makes sense because I say that about some of my other favorite things as well. Do they really just keep getting better? Or is it just because I love yoga and how it makes me feel, both the physical and mental stimulation that it gives me?

I tried the Manduka ProLite and loved it. I was pretty warm in today’s class and my feet were pretty slick… and I didn’t slip! Tomorrow I’m going to try the EkoLite that she has and see how they compare, but I’m thinking the ProLite seems to fit my needs.

I got a nice surprise yesterday evening, the littles and I were invited to Grama K’s house and when we got there, my uncle from Indiana and part of his family were there! So were some other family members (and one in particular I’m NOT very fond of… who decided to judge me on breastfeeding and almost got the wrath of Brittany again), overall, it was good to catch up. Even though we live in the same county (except for my uncle) we really don’t see much of each other. There are actually a few cousins that I do like. ūüėČ

I’m happy to report that it’s been an entire week (well, work week) of BOTH kids sleeping in their beds all night long. Little Miss even slept from 9pm-6am last night! Amazing. I’m hoping it will continue to get better, and she’ll stop waking up at 4am. But this is just awesomeness and unheard of in my life so WOOOT for sleeping children!

Now, I should go be productive.



Phew, the home stretch of the yoga challenge is starting to kick my butt! The past two days were intense practices, balance poses & then ashtanga and man… My body is feeling it. But then this morning, we had a “softer” practice… though in all honesty, despite the slower pace… I don’t think it was overly “soft”. When I think of “soft” I think of a million hours of childs pose; not sun salutes until my arms are weak. I think of hanging out inlazyfoward folds, or in¬†MY practice: chilling in frog forever. But, that’s not what I took away form today’s practice.

Savasana was amazing. I’m pretty certain I was just a breath away from passing out. I’m always surprised when she cues us to start breathing a little deeper, to move our fingers and toes, that I can still hear her and comprehend what she’s saying. Because I sure feel like I am knocked out.

I liked the change of pace today with the slower practice, but I still feel like we really worked. Practices like these and yin make it easier to do the intense vinyasa flow sessions, because we have something to come down to while recovering. Yet, it allows us to still work hard and progress. It’s not like we just laid in savasana for an hour, which would have been fantastic since it was awfully difficult to get out of¬†bed this morning.¬†I worked hard, and I can already feel it throughout my body (and the residual effects of the past few practices).

I also decided this morning that I need a new mat. I’m going to wait until after the challenge just in case I happen to win one (though, I never win anything, so I won’t hold my breath). And for the next few days I’m going to test out a Manduka PROlite to see if I slip any less. My hands and feet get pretty slick and the Hugger Mugger I have, just doesn’t cut it for me anymore, though it’s pretty, and cushy. But… yea, not so functional for serious practice anymore. Good thing graduation is coming up and I will hopefully get some play money to use for yoga (and maybe another tattoo)!

¬†I just have to say, I’m a total yoga addict.



You know how there are times in your life that you just want to do… nothing. Forever. and if people interrupt your nothingness or are motivated you really, really, don’t like them?

That is how my life was the past 2 weeks. At work, I (and luckily my boss too) didn’t really want to do anything. We just wanted to veg. Of course, we didn’t actually get to do nothing, as HR is a pretty hoppin’ place to be. But… we wanted to do nothing. And we were both kind of on the crabby side because we had to actually be productive (at least, mildly productive).

This week though?! We are totes making up for it. Already this week we have done sooo much. Today seemed to move at warped speed, everything was happening at once and we just bounced from project to project. It was great. I also have been motivated at home. Last night I rearranged the “jungle” (play) room completely and deep cleaned. Even got rid of some toys that haven’t been played with lately.

Today, by some miracle the kids even kept it clean! Amazing.

I even cleaned the bathroom and folded a million loads of laundry and put most of it away (except for mine),and partially cleaned the kids’ bedroom. Istill want to do the same deep spring clean for my room and finish the kids’ room. But… that’ll do for now.

In yoga, motivation is a completely different animal for me. Idk why it is, but every day I’m so excited to be there and to push myself further. I think it’s that I’m compensating for playing it safe in most of the other aspects of my life. Well, and that I just naturally wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m pretty frank about anything “me”. I’m an open book, and I’m very easy to read.

So, I’ve been uber motivated to go everyday, and to commit to my practice and rock it, everyday. Does that always happen? No. But, I do try.

The beautiful and inspiring Kes said something that resonated with me… She said that when she is practicing, she thinks to herself that she must look awful in each pose. Mind you, this woman is bendy, strong, beautiful, and joy just permeates from her throughout the room. She looks anything but awful in any pose.

However, I realized that on some level, I feel like that too. I too, am pretty bendy and I can usually “take it to the next level” in at least half of the poses during any given class… So I suppose I probably don’t look horrific either. But man, it sure motivated me to kick my self esteem in the ass and stop putting myself down. I don’t let other people treat me like that, so why in the heck do I do it to myself?! It’s unacceptable. I need to stop.


I should probably shower and hit the hay so I can make it to class in the morning!I bet I’m going to be sore from today’s craziness.



Maybe i’ll attempt to remember my ipod in the am and get Kath to take a couple yoga pics of me. Maybe. After the killer my self esteem had tonight… Maybe not.

This morning I actually felt decent getting up before the sun… but I¬†was kind of hoping the roads would be treacherous again and I could lay in bed longer.¬†I peered out of my window and there had been no¬†more snow last night… So I pulled on my yoga pants,¬†quickly got¬†“human”, and off I went.

I don’t go to yoga begrudgingly. I’m always happy to be there.¬†It’s just that initial “snooze” effect. I want “five more minutes”¬†of sleep. Of nothingness. I’m holding on to the comfort of my bed. The quiet of my sleeping¬†children (which doesn’t happen often).¬†As soon as I get to the studio and get on my mat, all of that disappears though. Then I’m holding onto¬†every moment,¬†trying to stretch each one so that I¬†can stay in that blissful place away from my reality. Sadly, after¬†savasana, it all comes back and reality hits me like a ton of bricks. Bam! It’s time for work. It’s time for traffic, following water trucks that probably are going to kick up rocks, or dust, or whatever onto my car. It’s time for the endless piles of paperwork and phone messages. Everyone wants something. All. The. Time.

They¬†really should take up yoga and just CHILL OUT for a little while and give everyone else a break.¬†Ha. Wishful thinking right? I guess I chose the wrong field. I should’ve just been a dreamer.

Today’s class was full of suns, planks, and hamstring stretches. My core and hamstrings are the two places that I need to strengthen the most, so I am always glad that Kath forces me to do them. (and yes, she forces me, with a smile even. Makes you want to hate her but she’s too sweet). We even got to play in navasana a little, singing “row, row, row your boat”. Have I mentioned that our yoga classes rock? So fun. More than a bit of a burning sensation in my abdomen… but fun!

I was a bit disappointed that the million suns we did didn’t make the sun come out. But it seemed to be shining a little this afternoon so, you’re welcome.

Until tomorrow,


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