Goodbye Ordinary

Hello Bloggers!

Posted on: March 30, 2012

So, I have to admit. I’ve started numerous blogs and to be quite honest. I suck at keeping up with them. My life is  a whirlwind of activity. I rarely stop and have a moment to collect my thoughts and spit them all out into cyberspace. Okay, that’s not entirely true, as most of my best friends live inside my laptop. But, you get the point.

However, I always have great intentions to keep up with the blog, and I think we’re a pretty interesting little family… Or dramatic, wild, crazy, spirited, joyful… Whatever you want to call it, we can be pretty entertaining.

In order to hopefully have some longevity to this blog, this time it has a purpose! I’m starting it, just as I am about to start a 30 day yoga challenge.

I’m new to yoga. Took my first class in November and after I got past the anxiety that surrounds all new things from my perspective, I fell in love. I go to class once or twice a week and attempt to do at least a few sun salutations everyday at home. I’ve seen some great changes already and yoga allows me to do one of the most important things that I always neglected: to just stop. Take a moment. and BREATHE.

I invite you to follow me through my journey this coming month, get to know me, my children, my practice… and maybe harass me (a little) to post!!


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