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Well, in addition to the yoga challenge, I was going to do a detox/cleanse called “Clean”. However, I got the book and read through it to the part where it says the people who should NOT partake in the program… and realized they described me almost to the letter. Apparently, all my symptoms (that have always been inconclusive) could really be a couple of issues. The book talks about something one of his colleagues deemed as “spent” syndrome. There were a list of 9 questions, supposed to not do the program if you answered yes to 2 or more… My number of yes responses was 7! So, after doing more research, “spent” syndrome is basically abnormal adrenal function. There are also a couple other possible answers to the same systems. An overabundance of Candida (which makes sense because that goes along with toxicity), and/or a hormonal imbalance. Which also makes sense. So, I have to wait it out a bit and see if I have insurance to get into a doctor soon and ask about some of those things… and if not, just wait until I do get insurance.

In the meantime, I still want to be healthier. I know I NEED to be healthier. Working 8-5 has changed my eating habits from “not-so-bad” to “pretty awful” and that can’t be helping my feeling of exhaustion, not to mention my bank account! So, instead of a detox program, I’m going to start a more longterm change: 100 days of real food, check it out!>> We eat pretty healthy as we live on a small farm, have a ton of our own veggies and fruit, raise our own cattle and chickens (for eggs mostly). BUT there is always room for improvement, and for me, the focus will be on lunches when I’m not at home with all those healthy options.

Step 1: I’ll be going to Wegman’s this weekend and stocking up on unprocessed/unrefined or at least LESS refined substitutes (whole wheat flour, brown rice, dried beans, healthier peanut butter, and some yummy dried fruit). and getting some storage essentials (a thermos especially!) so that I can get into the habit of preparing the weeks lunches on the weekend (atleast the parts that can be frozen) and bringing it to work!

I’ve been compiling tons of healthy recipes for months thanks to Pinterest and found out that we actually have most of the ingredients already on hand… It’s just actually using them in healthier combinations.

I’m also going to take some components of “Clean” and work them into this new routine. Mainly, smoothies for breakfast. I am SO not a morning person. Almost every day I wake up late and am rushing to get out the door to make it to work by 8am. Normally I pull into the parking lot between 7:57 and 8:01. Not the best habit. And 9/10 times, I just got to grab a string cheese & fresh fruit as I’m running out the door! So, I want to get some of the ingredients for some magic concoctions that can help give me that boost in the morning. Try as I may, caffeine doesn’t even seem to help get my butt in gear (and it makes me pee like an infant–every 5 mins!)


So, I have to admit. I’ve started numerous blogs and to be quite honest. I suck at keeping up with them. My life is  a whirlwind of activity. I rarely stop and have a moment to collect my thoughts and spit them all out into cyberspace. Okay, that’s not entirely true, as most of my best friends live inside my laptop. But, you get the point.

However, I always have great intentions to keep up with the blog, and I think we’re a pretty interesting little family… Or dramatic, wild, crazy, spirited, joyful… Whatever you want to call it, we can be pretty entertaining.

In order to hopefully have some longevity to this blog, this time it has a purpose! I’m starting it, just as I am about to start a 30 day yoga challenge.

I’m new to yoga. Took my first class in November and after I got past the anxiety that surrounds all new things from my perspective, I fell in love. I go to class once or twice a week and attempt to do at least a few sun salutations everyday at home. I’ve seen some great changes already and yoga allows me to do one of the most important things that I always neglected: to just stop. Take a moment. and BREATHE.

I invite you to follow me through my journey this coming month, get to know me, my children, my practice… and maybe harass me (a little) to post!!

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